After the failure

Let us assume that rather than being an indicator of the future, the Trump presidency is a huge blip on the charts we keep of global development(s). This is not to suggest that narrow selfishness, xenophobia and financially profitable militarism are about to fade out. Rather, it is to suggest that the dialogue between factions must, inevitably, resume on new ground, redefined by Trumpery, but not fundamentally shifted.

The much-ballyhooed end of political correctness is not happening, because the new political correctness has already been defined by the White House press events. For example, it is politically correct to assume, in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, that all Muslims in North America are bent on terroristic mayhem, and every mosque is a covert centre for jihad.

This, of course, is why mosques often have signs outside saying ‘Mosque,’ or distinctively Islamic motifs in their exterior architecture, since the terrorism advocates are too dumb to know they’re supposed to be conspiring secretly and invisibly.

But I digress, it being hard not to in these bizarre times. The point is, that as the statements coming out of the White House become progressively confusing and contradictory, support for the incumbent will keep dropping exponentially. Further, the probability that reducing international trade by cancelling or narrowly redefining NAFTA, will produce a recession, not new prosperity, can’t help either. Petitioning for impeachment or – the high-point so far, for me – Friday’s magical assault on the administration will do nothing; but the inevitable failure of the logic-free approach currently being followed on Pennsylvania Avenue inevitably will.

So, rather than signing petitions on or Avaaz, or anything else of that nature what if we (that is, sane people who like actual facts, not alternative ones) all quietly devoted some time to figuring out how we will navigate in the post-Trump world a couple of years from now? For by then, the people who voted for him largely because they disliked Clinton, or honestly thought he could and would do something constructive, will be looking for a feasible way forward into the rest of the 21st Century. That way will, necessarily, mean breaking some cardinal rules, such as admitting that endless wars are pointless, and as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan demonstrate, produce misery, failure and dead bodies. In other words, someone will have to declare a 90 percent victory, and get the troops home.

But daring gestures like that might be one way to recover a viable politics.

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