Being a modest beginning

So, here I go again. Another blog, another mask of partial anonymity. Hello – remember me? You don’t. Oh, good. I was rather hoping for that.

It’s three days before the 2016 US election, and exhaustion has set in. There is no way of making this event and the vitriol preceding it kinder, gentler or, best of all, non-existent. The ultimate absurdity in it all is that being President is not about becoming an absolute monarch, but about shutting yourself behind an isolating wall for four years and trying to manage a hyper-complex series of events that would defeat the most brilliant human mind, and probably a few non-human ones. The popular fear is always that a leader with considerable warmaking powers and a massive military will inaugurate Armageddon, but my own fear is that the leader won’t be able to stop it. Get yourself elected, and once sworn in, you’re on a toboggan ride down a slalom course with no idea if you’ll end it with your country and half the planet intact.

Good luck, whichever candidate gets the job. There will be no gratitude, and you can kiss peace of mind goodbye.

More fulsome posts will follow.


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